ICBA Securities offers a vast array of services to our customers to make the management and accounting of their investment portfolio as effective and efficient as possible. As a part of our commitment to providing you "a total package" of portfolio services, we offer the safekeeping of your bonds through Vining Sparks IBG. This service includes the following:

  • Issuance of safekeeping receipts
  • Timely principal and interest payments
  • Credit Advices issued three (3) days in advance of payment on principal, interest, maturities, etc. giving you a description of security, amount, due date of payment and disposition of funds.
  • The offering of different types of money market accounts with The Reserve Funds as an alternative for investment of temporary cash balances.
  • Fees that are very competitive within the industry.
  • Monthly statements showing holdings and if a money market account, showing balance, interest earned and average rate for the month.

All securities are held by Vining Sparks IBG's sub-custodian, Bank of New York and J.P. Morgan/Chase, New York in a segregated account.

For additional information, please contact your ICBA Securities' account representative or Jim Reber at 800-422-6442.

Fee Schedule
Account Maintenance
Per Position, Per Month
Transaction Fee
(Security Deposit/Withdrawal)
     Inside Trade
Transaction Fee
(Security Deposit/Withdrawal)
     Outside Trade
Pledge/Release of Security
Statement of Assets
Registration Fee
Wire Change
Check Charge
Monthly Minimum Fee
All out-of-pocket expenses will be charged directly to the Account at the time these expenses are incurred. These costs include, but shall not be limited to, all shipping costs, telegraphic transfer fees, re-registration transfer fees, postage, insurance, expenses imposed by other agents, etc.